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Mold design and production process

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Mold design and production process

  • Release date : 2020-04-09 15:42
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Mold is a model, according to the model to make the product, but how is the mould to produce, may be in addition to mold professionals most answer. Mould has an irreplaceable role in our life, most of our articles for daily use without mould, such as, computers, telephones, fax machines, keyboards, glass and so on these plastic products is needless to say, like a car and motorcycle engine cover is also with mold making, light a car all kinds of mold will be used more than 20000. So the role of the modern life of mould can not be replaced. As long as the mass production is inseparable from the mold.
So how is the mold made?
The following is a brief introduction to the modern mold production process.
1) ESI (Earlier: Supplier Involvement Supplier early to participate in) : this stage is mainly between customer and Supplier for product design and mold development technology is discussed, the main purpose is to let the Supplier clearly grasp the product designers design intent and precision requirement, but also for product designers to better understand the ability of the mold production, the process performance of the product, so as to make a more reasonable design.
2) Quotation: including the price of the mold, the life of the mold, the turnover process, the tonnage required by the machine and the delivery date of the mold. (more detailed quotation should include product size and weight, mold size and weight, etc.)
3) Purchase Order: delivery of customer Order, deposit and acceptance of supplier Order.
4) Production Planning and Schedule Arrangement: in this stage, we need to reply to the customer according to the specific delivery date of the mold.
5) mold Design: the possible Design software is Pro/Engineer, UG, Solidworks, AutoCAD, CATIA, etc
6) purchasing materials
7) Machining: the processes involved are generally Machining, gong (milling), heat treatment, grinding, computer gong (CNC), EDM, WEDM, JIG GRINGING, laser engraving, polishing, etc.
8) mold Assembly
9) Trial Run
10) sample evaluation report (SER)
11) SER Approval for sample evaluation report

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