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How to effectively prevent the cracking of metal stamping parts?

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How to effectively prevent the cracking of metal stamping parts?

  • Release date : 2020-04-09 15:43
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How to reprocess metal stamping parts?
Hardware in the process of stamping process a little careless, will appear a variety of different defects, such as: processing of metal stamping pieces often appear in the process of cracking.
Cracking a crack on the surface or inside of a product caused by internal stress, external shock, or environmental conditions.
Cause of cracking: it is caused by excessive local tensile stress.
Metal stamping parts cracking position: cracking mainly occurs in the rounded corner, cracking part of the thickness of thinning, such as punch and blank contact area is too small, drawing resistance is too large, may lead to material local bulging deformation too large and cracking.
Metal stamping
Crack prevention measures:
In order to prevent cracking, the corresponding measures should be taken from the aspects of the structure, forming process and mold design of the covering parts.
(1) for the structure of the covering piece, the following measures can be taken:
The radius of each round corner should be larger, the actual depth of the surface shape in the drawing direction should be shallow, the depth should be uniform, the shape should be as simple as possible and the change should be as flat as possible.
(2) in the drawing process, the main measures can be taken as follows:
As far as possible, the drawing direction should make the contact area between the punch and the blank large, the reasonable shape of the pressing surface and the blanking force make the resistance of each part of the pressing surface uniform and moderate, reduce the drawing depth, open the process hole and process incision.
(3) mold design:
Some measures can be taken, such as designing reasonable drawing rebar, adopting larger round corner of mould, and making the clearance between punch and die reasonable.

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